Visit our last Iceland trawler Amandine

The ‘O.129 Amandine’ was the last Iceland trawler and reminds us of one of the most notorious periods in our Flemish fishing history.  A period, during which our fishermen chased the best and tastiest fish for weeks on end through the ice-cold, but pure waters around Iceland. Many a fisherman lost his life during these perilous times. 

The Amandine was bought by the City of Ostend and fully renovated. The most modern audio-visual techniques were used to depict life on board an Iceland trawler as authentically and as realistically as possible. This approach was also used for the design of the deck, the fish hold, the cabins, the engine room etcetera. Life-size mannequins, sounds and even scents were used to give the impression of being on board a sailing vessel. The area surrounding the ship’s stern constitutes a second highlight: the reconstruction of a small street in the Ostend fisherman’s quarter around 1960 featuring small shops, a pub and even a brothel.

Practical information

€ 4.00/person
€ 2.00/children 4-12 years
Child < 4 years: free of charge
€ 3.00/person (group consists of at least 20 persons)
€ 2.00/person (school groups)
€ 3.00/teacher 
One teacher per 15 pupils free of charge and only on presentation of a valid teacher’s card.


Vindictivelaan 35 (directly opposite the railway station) 8400 Ostend

Opening hours

Open every day except on Mondays and Fridays.

Reservations & bookings

For more information or bookings, please contact the Amandine by telephone on 059 51 70 100473 59 08 43 or by sending an e-mail to

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