Saying goodbye to your loved ones at sea

Each death comes with a difficult period for the next of kin. There is not only sorrow, but there are also quite a few practical worries, which require the right partners who can help you with the organization and administration. The Franlis shipping company can rely on 50 years’ experience in seaborne passenger transport and is specialized in the organization of memorable and dignified ash scattering services. We will help you through this difficult phase. The ash scattering service is affordable and does not require any maintenance of the tombstone or permits etcetera. Our team of specialized employees is at your service.

The ashes of the deceased are lowered into the sea in an urn that slowly dissolves. The ashes can then start their eternal and unfettered journey through the seas and oceans. The ceremony is not only carried out in accordance with maritime traditions, but is also given a personal touch for the family and next of kin. You can choose between an individual sailing during which only your family and the crew are present or a collective scattering during which several families are present. 

Practical information

Prices for private scatterings start at 825 EUR all in (permits, urn, drinks, final resting place certificate, …).  Professional guidance by a master of ceremonies; administration.  Mourning meals, flowers, various urns, ... on request. 
Collective scatterings start at 200 EUR/family (maximum 10 persons/family on board).


Weststaketsel (directly opposite the Klein Strand) B-8400 Ostend

Opening hours

Daily private departures (depending on availability) on weekdays or during weekends. Collective departures 2x/month on Saturday afternoon.

Reservations & bookings

For more information or bookings, please contact the Franlis Shipping Company by telephone on 059 70 62 94 or by sending an e-mail to  In case of a death or an urgent request, please contact us on our hotline: 059 70 32 89.

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